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Are you ready to live the life you came here for?

Ascension coaching provides heart-centered guidance to support your healing into Harmonious Twin Flame Union and the life of your dreams.

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As a Professional Ascension Coach,  I am able to walk with you throughout every step of your journey to discover the richness within you. 

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with your one true Love.

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Ascension Coaching is a highly spiritual approach that supports the healing of all.​ This healing support is for everyone who desires to attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union and beyond.  My personal experience with Ascension Coaching has set my sights on a whole new world which I desire for everyone to experience.

Ascension refers to the process of raising the consciousness, vibration, and being to a higher level of understanding, wisdom, or frequency.

In many spiritual traditions, Ascension involves personal and spiritual growth, as well as the pursuit of enlightenment or Union with the Divine.

Ascension can also be understood as a process of releasing the limitations and attachments of the ego, allowing the individual to experience a greater sense of unity with God and greater harmony with life.

Ascension can be considered as an inner journey towards expansion and spiritual fulfillment, as well as a vision of a collective future in which humanity rises towards higher levels of consciousness and evolution which means a new way of living with more consciousness of our Divinity.

This is the journey of love, and within your heart are all the answers you seek. Allow me to guide you to help you find yourself and connect with your one true love.

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Ascension Coaching Session

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In a one-on-one session, we focus on healing core blocks that you are currently experiencing. I will provide guidance on how to achieve the relationship you desire with yourself & with your Twin Flame.

Monthly Coaching Subscription


This is a monthly subscription and is available for sessions held weekly, where we address the blocks on a week-by-week basis. Here, we lay the solid foundation for the success of your relationship.


English Group Coaching


My Group Coaching Program aims to guide you towards deep healing and spiritual growth, leading you directly towards your Union with your Twin Flame. This monthly subscription includes 4 sessions of 60 minutes each. In the sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with others facing similar challenges to yours, and receive mutual support. 


Spanish Group Coaching


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Mi Programa de Coaching Grupal tiene como principal propósito guiarte hacia una profunda sanación y crecimiento espiritual, que te encamina directamente hacia tu Unión con tu Llama Gemela. Esta suscripción mensual incluye 4 sesiones de 60 minutos cada una. En las sesiones, tendrás la oportunidad de conectar con otras personas que enfrentan desafíos similares a los tuyos, y recibir apoyo mutuo.


Martes 8:30pm - 9:30pm EST
Miércoles 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

the magic of love will change your life 
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Dany is the support I had been looking for my entire life. When I first started with her I had done years of therapy and self-discovery to heal myself and learn who I was. But nothing compared to what she offered me. Just two months after working with her I met my Twin Flame, Dylan, and we have been in Union ever since. She is more than just my coach, she is my friend and sister who I deeply respect, love, and honor. Dylan and I meet with Dany weekly where she holds space for our healing, shines light on us, and guides us into alignment with our Divine selves. For almost two years her support has been absolutely priceless, we would not have the loving and happy Union we have today without her. She has guided us to receive miracle after miracle, to release limiting beliefs, and to embody our life’s purpose. We know she will take us all the way to our Harmonious Union and beyond because what she gives us is of God, it is pure love, and it is the medicine we need to live our dreams.

Hannah F.
Michigan, USA

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