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It is an honor to share my story with you.

May your journey to Harmonious Twin Flame Union be blessed and Divinely supported at every step of the way.


Hi, I'm Dany 

My spiritual life holds a special place in my heart. Professionally, I'm a Clinical Psychologist and a dedicated Twin Flame Ascension Coach affiliated with Twin Flames Universe. Beyond my professional roles, I see myself as a dreamer who enjoys living her life purpose. I love animals, I am very family-oriented, and I like to lead a tranquil life. I am convinced that romantic relationships are a vital part of our lives. I have a boyfriend whom I consider my partner in life's journey, with whom we are growing together and strengthening our relationship. I enjoy creating content and it brings me joy to help others delve into their inner selves and find their true happiness, which I believe comes from God. Finding myself has helped me gain clarity on where I want to go in life and who I want to be. I am grateful to Jeff and Shaleia, who guide us in the Twin Flames Universe community.

Daniela obtained her Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador. Before becoming an Ascension Coach, she had a successful psychology practice for over six years, accompanying countless people in their healing process. 
Dany now extends her support to individuals worldwide, establishing herself as an experienced guide on the path to personal and spiritual growth, and nurturing healthy relationships, especially with one's Twin Flame.
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Since she was a child, Daniela believed that it was important in life to help and do good to others through love. Over time, as she progressed in her studies in both school and university, Daniela discovered that her path was related to better understanding how the mind and human behavior work.

In 2017, Daniela decided to embark on the path towards spirituality. She wanted to expand her knowledge and grow in wisdom. On her journey, her relationship with God strengthened, and it was He who gave her light and guided her way. In this process, she met Ian, her twin flame, and began her studies at twin flame Ascension School. From that moment on, they started a relationship where they fell in love, overcame obstacles, and through love, evolved to accepting each other and loving each other unconditionally.

Daniela's personality is genuine, loving, courageous, and resilient, perfectly aligned with her professional endeavors. As an exceptional coach, she consistently delves into the core of issues, enabling her clients to find relief, clarity, and direction in every session.

A note from my heart to yours.

When I was just 6 years old, I enjoyed walking in the forest and connecting with that subtle divine energy. I felt a lot of loving presence around me and knew that God was there with me. My spirituality was my nourishment; I needed to talk to God. I listened to music that connected me to Him. I was free and innocent, always with love to give and a warm smile that brought tranquility to everyone.

I knew there was much light inside me that wanted to shine and preach real love. I was always interested in spiritual experiences that couldn't be explained, because I knew those were the ones that truly had a significant impact on people's lives.

As I grew, I wanted to understand everything; my logical mind wanted to grasp everything about human behavior to help with the evolution of consciousness.

I was always in search of self-realization, a path that would lead me to my evolution and real love.

This is my evolution, my decision to embrace the purpose of my life and serve God. I feel complete and more than ready to step on solid ground with new concepts that support the well-being and evolution of human consciousness.

Finding Jeff and Shaleia, their teachings is what I share because they ignited my spiritual growth. Jeff and Shaleia have helped me to be myself and they paved the way I now walk which is the journey of Twin Flames.


I firmly believe that all relationships can be in harmony, but it starts with oneself, within, with the decision to leave behind what doesn't contribute and go out into the world with confidence in God's love and supporting each other.

I thank God for my parents whom I love and respect, and with whom I walk hand in hand. They taught me the values that humans have in life. They filled me with a lot of love and care, which contributed to my personal and professional development. They are parents full of wisdom and love. Thanks to them, I am here and blessed & happy to be their daughter. 

I am so grateful for my Twin Flame, he means so much to me, and my love for him knows no bounds. He consistently ignites a fire within me, propelling me towards becoming more of myself—an independent and empowered woman with a voice of her own. He supports me, loves me and cherishes me. 

My message to you is to respect and value yourself and all the people who have loved you with their hearts and have thought you to be the best version of yourself.


Daniela has dedicated herself to the healing process and uses the Mirror Exercise as the foundation of her internal spiritual work. 

This practice is the foundation of Ascension Coaching and helps maintain a balance between body, mind, and spirit. By practicing it, one reflects upon oneself and can identify the emotional wounds and blocks that every human being carries within.

By acknowledging these blocks, the Mirror Exercise assists you in healing the core of your hurts, which affect people's lives and prevents them from living fully. It is important to seek help and allow oneself to receive appropriate professional guidance to live in harmony and find inner peace.

Daniela enjoys her work as a coach, and her pet Chispita is her great companion. They love each other and enjoy life because life is joyful. 


Why Relationship Connectedness

My brand, Relationship Connectedness, emerged as a result of a profound dedication to cultivating harmonious relationships between Twin Flames.

To connect with people, you must be present with your emotions. Let your heart speak, connect with it, and heal your discontent by committing to yourself to feel freer. That is true success. Moreover, everything comes to you when your first relationship is with God.

Jeff and Shaleia always mention in their classes that we are always having a relationship with life, and so Relationship Connectedness represents this truth. 

Relationship Connectedness is more than a brand; it aims to guide Twin Flames to fall in love for the last time and achieve fulfillment of their Life Purpose. It is a conscious choice to say "yes to love" and build Heaven on Earth.

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