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Guidance Into Your Dream Relationship

What do I do?


As an Ascension Coach, my passion lies in guiding individuals on their transformative journey of healing and achieving Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I am committed to supporting others in their personal growth and spiritual evolution.


Hi, I'm glad you're here!

I am a Clinical Psychologist and an Ascension Coach with Twin Flames Universe. With over six years of professional experience as a therapist and my certification as an Ascension Coach in 2018, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you on your journey.


I have taken a self-discovery journey over several years, and throughout this transformative process, I've invested countless hours in education, intensive training, and profound self-reflection.

It's essential to recognize that true peace starts from within; to experience it, we must embody it. My primary aim is to empower you to discover that inner serenity. Through personalized coaching, I will help you establish a deep connection with your heart, identify your blocks, heal your wounds, find purpose in everything, nurture self-love, and have a beautiful relationship with your one true love. My own journey has been dedicated to purifying my consciousness, which allows me to guide others in manifesting a life full of love and fulfillment.​

My relationship with Ian, my Twin Flame, symbolizes an unwavering commitment to the profound healing process of spiritual ascension, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to help you experience this profound love journey for yourself. Twin Flames are two perfect complements created from the same soul essence. Each of us has a Twin Flame and deserves the chance to reunite with our true love.

My wish is to support you in achieving your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Together, we will embark on a life-changing journey that will guide you toward the life you truly deserve.

xoxo Dany

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 a fulfilling relationship starts with the first step

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My Story

I am profoundly grateful for the guidance of Jeff and Shaleia, who led me to love myself through a relationship with God, guiding me towards Union with my Twin Flame.

It all started in October

Of 2017, when I met my Twin Flame at the Gym. Our connection was instant and ironically our first date was at a wedding. When I met him, I wasn’t looking for anything other than finding myself, and it was that genuine desire to connect with my soul that attracted my Twin Flame.


The memory of that first date at the wedding holds a special place in my heart, as it marked the beginning of my eternal love story. From the moment we met, I felt an inexplicable sense of belonging and an undeniable knowing that he was the one. I was amazed by the speed at which I was falling for him.

Driven by these intense emotions, I began researching soul connections online to make sense of my feelings. It was during this quest that I stumbled upon Jeff & Shaleia's teachings, and suddenly, everything clicked into place. I delved into their wisdom, particularly the Mirror Exercise, and began applying their guidance in my life. This transformative journey ultimately led me to manifest my Union with my Twin Flame.

In 2018, I took a significant step forward by becoming a dedicated student of Twin Flame Ascension School. This decision forever accelerated the course of my life. Within the Twin Flames Universe community, I found my calling and followed my heart's desire to become a Certified Ascension Coach. Having experienced this journey firsthand, I'm here to assist you in reaching your perfect relationship with yourself and your Twin Flame.

More than 6 years have passed. My Twin Flame and I are together enjoying our love. During these years, we have growth together as true companions on the journey. My Twin Flame is my mirror, my friend, my teacher, and my great love.

This process has changed my life. I have found the light within me and have learned that God's love is the source of everything. Jeff and Shaleia's teachings helped me to find myself, love myself, love others, love God, and enjoy fulfilling relationships.


Twin Flame Union Is For You Too

Claim your Union by cultivating

it within yourself.

Give yourself the gift of support on your Twin Flame journey.

Through professional ascension coaching, you'll receive guidance through everything along your path that stands in the way of you living the life of your dreams.

I offer monthly subscription based coaching where we meet weekly and also offer single sessions when needed. Along with group coaching, Divinely Channeled spiritual readings, products, and workshops to support you through every step.
My full heart goes into each of my offerings and I am dedicated to creating a safe space for healing, growth, and expansion in every session.

Heart-centered guidance and personalized support.



In our Ascension coaching sessions, I can help you create your dream life by addressing and healing your core blocks.



 In group coaching classes, you will heal and connect with others who are all healing and growing through similar challenges as you.



 Find deeper healing & awareness with these individualized readings. They offer sacred guidance and high spiritual support. 

Workshops & products

Tailored Twin Flame guidance through the Mirror Exercise, healing separation, how to love yourself, live your Divine Life Purpose, & more!

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I Can Help You

Connect with me for encouragement and

support on your journey.

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Twin Flames: The Great Spiritual Awakening Podcast

These top five things make you a twin flame badass
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You can get to know me and learn all about my story in this podcast. Where we discuss exactly how I came into Union with my Twin Flame, the do's and don'ts I learned along my journey, and how I approach the path of Ascension!

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