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The Teachings of Union & How They Have Transformed my Life

Updated: Apr 4

"Why do I feel so much love for this person? Does this mean my fairy tale love story is real? Are Twin Flames real? Why is it that I feel so connected to him? What is going on with me?”

Those are the questions I asked myself when I was in the beginning stages of my Twin Flame journey. I wasn't sure what was happening. This was all new for me and my heart was incredibly happy.

I had more questions than answers and I thought I was "crazy". I didn’t know which direction to take, I didn’t know what to do. All I knew was that I was feeling very happy and that God was with me like never before. I was also scared of these deep feelings and I tried everything in my power to move on, to forget about my Twin but nothing seemed to work. I needed to understand why.

This connection with him wasn’t gonna be just a dream, something needed to change but I didn’t know what or how so I kept looking. I humbled myself to God and told him I was going to do whatever he said. I was ready to try his way fully and completely and so then one day I found the Twin Flames Universe community, I found Jeff and Shaleia and everything changed, absolutely everything. Little did I know that I was just starting a beautiful path of ascension and transformation. Little did I know that the good work was just about to start.

I started to watch Jeff and Shaleia’s YouTube videos and my soul found a deep relief. I knew they were going to help me because I saw them for who they are. I saw God’s love in them and the validation that dreams DO come true.

I purchased the book Twin Flames: Finding your Ultimate Lover and I opened up my laptop on a blank page and I wrote down my first Mirror Exercise. "What is this?” I asked God. “This is a miracle”. I was able to connect with my inner child in a way I never had before and to me, this was a surprise because I had never found something so pure and divine in all of my years of study and practice as a Psychotherapist.

The Mirror Exercise became my very best friend. All I wanted to do was to write down my upsets and heal them. My life became a sacred temple of ascension and my Twin Flame started to come way closer to me, he started to mirror my healing.

I then watched the first free classes of Twin Flame Ascension School and a few days after I became a student. I claimed Jeff and Shaleia as my Spiritual Teachers and I was suddenly so full of purpose. “This is what I want. I belong here. I am going to be a student of them, I am going to help others through this body of work. Thank you God!” I told myself. And so it began.

Jeff welcomed me in a post and I knew I was here to stay. I was devoted to learning everything here and my vibration shifted, I felt in Union with my Twin Flame. I followed the Teachings of Union by heart and my Twin Flame asked me to be his girlfriend just when everything on the outside seemed that it was going to end. God made it happen, I made it happen, Jeff and Shaleia made it happen with their guidance and full dedication to help all Twin Flames. This work, works.

I am sharing this with you because I know you resonate. Why wouldn’t you? The Twin Flame journey feels like this at first. You are not alone. Believe me when I say that. So please, let yourself be guided, let yourself be loved here. I promise you that you too will have your Union and way more than that because this path is a returning path to God.

Don’t give up, don’t you ever do that. Cry, feel, let loose, and keep going because your Union and Harmonious Union await for you on the other side of the fears that attempt to keep you apart from embracing this pure, unconditional, and 100% possible, real, and eternal love.

Here is a picture of me, Jeff and Shaleia. You have no idea how much they love YOU! They love ALL of us. They love God. That’s why the Twin Flames Universe community serves a higher purpose and you are invited to join! Come on over, get close. Get comfortable. This is just the beginning. Your Union is incoming.

Only Love Is Real And Love Never Fails.


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